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2009 Ski-O

The first orienteering meet of the 2009 season was a great success. It was a Ski-O set up as a Score-O. There were 20 controls on the map, with values of 10, 20, and 30 points. A 20 point bonus for those visiting all three cabins. Maximum score was 370 points. We had 67 people come out over two days of orienteering (March 29th and 31st). Of these, 58 were skiers in the Orange, Purple, and Green squads, as well as some guests from Canmore, Alberta here on a ski exchange. Ski conditions were fast and sunny, with most skiers choosing to skate-ski the course. The course was designed, and controls hung, by Pia Blake and Erik Blake. Thanks to Barbara Scheck for help with timing on the 29th.

2009 Yukon Orienteering Campaign

The Yukon Orienteering Campaign is a “just-for-fun” way of linking orienteers’ overall results, over the entire Yukon orienteering season.

June 3, 2009 Update

June 3rd is the fourth public update of the 2009 Yukon Orienteering Campaign - Yukon's Top-40 orienteerers. This update now includes the Yukon Short-O Championships results.  Big points are awarded for participating in the O-Champs events!

So, what are this week's big moves?
  • The Campaign Leaders: Brent jumps to 6 places to 1st overall.  Dahria climbs into second and Lee Hawkings jumps 4 places to take third.   Pam James and Justine Scheck both out of the top three to 6th and 8th respectively.  New to the Top-10 are Colin and Barbara.
  • Big Moves Up:  Georgi jumps from 81st to 37th, along with Shea Hoffman and Julianna Scramstad jumping up 40 and 25 places respectively.
  • Big Moves Down: Ross, Grant, Logan and Bruce McLean all drop 7 or 8 places - largely due to missing events!  
  • New or Returning to the Top-40: New to our Top-40 include Georgi, Julianna, Shae Miko and Tayler Mitchell.
  • Biggest Shames: None in particular, but I'm really thinking Dahria needs a bit more challange...
Look for big changes over the next two weeks as results from the Yukon Orienteering Championships continue to roll in.  Remember, you get 5% more points for participating in the championship events! 

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