Aug 11-15: Hidden Lakes, Magnusson parking, Grey Mtn Rd — Aug 17: Yukon U
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August 17

A regular B-meet on the Yukon University map. Meet at the main student parking lot. Registration opens at 6:00pm, with course closure at 8:30pm.

August 11-15

The second self-serve event of the season will take place between August 11 and August 15. Members will receive instructions on where to pick up and pay for maps.

Additional safety considerations

Since no Yukon Orienteering members will be present at the event, there are some additional safety rules you should follow:

  • Cell phones are mandatory, for safety reasons, for all, even the most experienced.
  • Tell someone (not going O with you) where you are, when you are expected back, leave a picture of the map, what your cell phone is, organizer phone number, etc. Meet organizers cannot provide this check-in service.
  • Take water / food / bear spray as needed.
  • Know how to take a safety bearing (North in this case).
  • Control locations will either be ribbons (trails) or traditional flags (woods). Due to timeframes, controls may disappear/be taken. Please report to meet organizer (Craig 689-1064).
  • There are no SI (punch units) or stands at the start, any control or the finish (due to theft risk). Control flagss will be attached to trees.

How does it work?

  • Start anytime from noon August 11 and finish by the evening of August 15.
  • Go once or as many times as you want - please reuse your printed map.
  • Participants MUST be YOA members, so if someone new / non-member is going with you, they MUST sign up as a $5 member at This is an insurance and liability issue and is mandatory.

Course options

We suggest a maximum time of 2-3 hours - know your limits

For all the Score-O options, you will need to do arithmetic in addition to running and navigating!

  • Several options are available:
    • Course 1, 2.0km (traditional)
    • Score O – 20 controls, 1, 2 or 3 points. See how long it takes you to get:
      • Novice – 10 points
      • Intermediate – 18 points
      • Advanced – 26 points
      • ExpertO – 35 points (all controls)
    • Make your own course(s).
    • See how many points you can get in a given amount of time.
    • Come back another day and do something different.
  • All course 1 controls are on the Score O map, so if you normally do course 1 but want to try something different, take a Score O map, note course 1, then try some of the controls just off trails. Ensure you have a compass and know how to take safety bearings.
  • Some trails to the west of the meet have been widened by City, but will not affect our event.

Most important of all, have fun!


If you have not already done so, please pre-register as a member of YOA.


If you are a new member, please pre-register. This will speed up your evening. Registrations received late in the day prior to the meet may not be processed before the event.

Each participant must be a YOA member.

Staying Safe While Orienteering

Every orienteering participant should read the document Staying Safe While Orienteering (PDF).

Bears And YOA Meets

NOTE: There may be bears in any of the map areas where YOA meets are held. YOU must be “bear aware”. To reduce risk, use precautions set out in the booklet How you can STAY SAFE in bear country.

Dogs At YOA Meets

A dog biting incident has prompted the executive to advise orienteers bringing dogs to events to:

  • Leash your dog while in the parking/assembly/start areas;
  • If dogs accompany you on your course, they must be under your immediate control at all times;
  • If there are more incidents or complaints, we may need to take a more stringent approach.
Thank you

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