Night-O at Long Lake — Friday, Sept 24, 2021, 8:30pm
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The next orieteering event is an in-person Night-O event on Friday Sept 24, 2021 (not on a Wednesday!) on the Long Lake map. Registration opens at 8:00pm at the Long Lake day use area. First starts at 8:30pm, with course closure at 10:00pm.

Night-orienteering uses different markers - instead of the orange-and-white flags, we use sections of pipe with reflective tape. When you shine a light on them, they light up like a beacon! But, owing to the wonders of retro-reflectors, you will only see reflections from your own headlamp. Don't forget your headlamp!!!

The Environment Canada forecast for Friday evening is calling for clear skies, but not too cold (low is -1C), so dress appropriately, and bring warm dry clothes to change into after your run.

Health Declaration

Important: For 2021, all in-person events required a printed and signed Health Declaration, one per person. You can speed up your evening by completing this paperwork before you arrive!


If you are a new member, please consider pre-registering. This will also speed up your evening. Registrations received after 6pm the day prior to the meet may not be processed before the event.

Each participant must be a YOA member.


A signed waiver is required for each member. Your waiver is valid until March 31, 2022. Once again, you can speed up your evening by having this paperwork printed and pre-filled before you arrive.

Staying Safe While Orienteering

Every orienteering participant should read the document Staying Safe While Orienteering (PDF).

Bears And YOA Meets

NOTE: There may be bears in any of the map areas where YOA meets are held. YOU must be “bear aware”. To reduce risk, use precautions set out in the booklet How you can STAY SAFE in bear country.

Dogs At YOA Meets

A dog biting incident has prompted the executive to advise orienteers bringing dogs to events to:

  • Leash your dog while in the parking/assembly/start areas;
  • If dogs accompany you on your course, they must be under your immediate control at all times;
  • If there are more incidents or complaints, we may need to take a more stringent approach.
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