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Orienteering is a great activity to do with your class. You can use orienteering to cover a large variety of topics within math, science, geography, physical education and outdoor pursuits in a fun and hands-on way:


  • angles, bearings and triangulation
  • addition and subtraction of degrees
  • taking a bearing and plotting points
  • magnets, magnetic north, north pole
  • safety bearings


  • contours intervals and landforms
  • scale and legend
  • distance measurement
  • route finding techniques

Please check the B.C. Premier's Sport Awards Program Teaching the Basics resource manual for orienteering. These are authorized learning resources for physical education curricula in B.C. and Yukon.

You can also check the Orienteering Canada’s Information For Youth Leaders page for further links and resources.

With advance warning, Yukon Orienteering Association volunteers may be able to help. For more information please contact us.

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