Quaranteering In 2020

How Are Events Being Run In 2020?

The Yukon Orienteering Association (YOA) will use semi-permanent orienteering courses for the duration of Covid-19 restrictions. Semi-permanent courses will use the usual event sites and maps, but no YOA members will be in attendance. Flags/survey tape identifying control locations will remain in place for one week (well, 6 days) following the opening date.

For example, this first regular event runs from 6:00pm on May 6 through to 6:00pm on May 12. Multiple-participant groups will be limited to members of the same household, or if you are not a family, you must respect physical distancing guidelines as set by government authorities. You can complete the course at a time of your choosing during this window.

Once you have registered as a YOA member, you will receive instructions on obtaining a map, and instructions for getting to the course.

Operational Plan

YOA has an operational plan for quaranteering, which was approved by the Yukon Health Emergency Operations Centre on June 5, 2020. YOA is following the Covid-19 Sport and Recreation Guidelines published by Sport Yukon.

Membership and Waiver

Please remember that everyone participating in orienteering must have a $5 membership, and signed a waiver, both of which are valid until March 31, 2021.

Safety Considerations For 2020

  • All participants must be a member of YOA in order to be covered under the Orienteering Canada insurance policy.
  • Carry a whistle — carrying a whistle is a requirement of Orienteering Canada.
  • Each participant/group must carry a cell phone and tell an emergency contact their plan and return time.
  • Be bear-aware. Consider bringing bear spray and/or bangers.
  • Respect Yukon Government’s physical distancing rules.
  • IMPORTANT: YOA will not be checking whether participants return safely from their orienteering. You are participating at your own risk.

Timing for 2020

Since courses in this summer of Covid-19 are unattended by YOA volunteers, you are responsible for noting your own time. We have tested a smart-phone app that can be used for timing, route tracing, and helping you if you get lost.

UsynligO (“Invisible O” in Norwegian) is a smart-phone app available for Android and iOS. The idea is that you download the event (including the map) onto your phone before the event, and while you run your course, your phone will track your position. Technically, you don’t even need control flags to use this app, but we will! Your phone will play a tune when you are at your control, and automatically record your split times. We’ve been doing some testing of the app, and it seems to work pretty well. The app can also give you hints (e.g. tell you which way to go, or show you where you are on the map), but it will snitch on you in the results! Full details can be found at https://usynligo.no/

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