B Meet — Research Forest / August 1, 2018
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B Meet (Regular Wednesday Evening Meet)

Date: Wednesday August 1, 2018

Registration Opens: 6:00 pm

Map: Research Forest

Meeting Point: Entrance on North Klondike Highway, just north of the Takhini River bridge, west side, opposite car salvage yard. Park in main lot at entrance (see map below).

Contact: Craig Brooks craig3@gryphonweb.net or 867 689-1064

Event Details

Two options

Course 1 : traditional course 1

Course 2:  TIMED score O event. 24 controls in woods, with points from zero to 3, total of 40. You must get a minimum (can go over) of:

Novice+ 10 points out of 40 possible (similar to course 1)
Intermediate 17 points out of 40 possible
Advanced 24 points out of 40 possible
Expert 31 points out of 40 possible

Running, map reading, compass work, and yes, arithmetic.

Best time wins.  There are a few zero point controls, randomly put out there to mislead you, so be careful.

Looking for volunteer(s) for registration and putting controls out. Contact craig at craig3@gryphonweb.net or 867 689-1064

Bears And YOA Meets

NOTE: There may be bears in any of the map areas where YOA meets are held. YOU must be “bear aware”. To reduce risk, use precautions set out in the booklet How you can STAY SAFE in bear country.

Dogs At NAOC/COC Meets

Dogs are not permitted on any courses or at the event site for the NAOC/COC events (August 17 to 24). Due to the number of competitors, and the nature of the event, we thank you for your understanding.

Dogs At YOA Meets

A dog biting incident has prompted the executive to advise orienteers bringing dogs to events to:

  • Leash your dog while in the parking/assembly/start areas;
  • If dogs accompany you on your course, they must be under your immediate control at all times;
  • If there are more incidents or complaints, we may need to take a more stringent approach.
Thank you

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