NAOC & COC / August 17-24, 2018
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North American Orienteering Championships &
Canadian Orienteering Championships

August 17 - 24, 2018

We're still looking for volunteers. Volunteers with 10+ hours will receive a cap from Coast Mountain Sports. All volunteers will be eligible for draw prizes including glass water bottles and microfiber sport towels with Blake Lepine's design.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the events! Visit the NAOC & COC 2018 website for all the details.

The registration deadline is passed but it is still possible to participate in the open categories. You may participate as an individual or as a group.

*** The following information is intended for people who have not registered yet but wish to participate. ***

How to participate if you're not already registered:

  • You are welcome to come to Sport Yukon Thursday August 16 and 17 between 10 and 2 and we would be happy to register you.
  • You may also register at the events. It is recommended to be at the event arena registration desk when it opens at 9:00AM to register (the registration desk opens at 8:30AM on Sat August 18). There are a limited number of maps so it's first come first served.

Cost: $25 per map per event ($20 for the HPP event)

Getting to the event venues:

NAOC Long Distance Event Saturday August 18

  • Note: The shuttle bus is mandatory for this event.
  • Parking for the shuttle bus is at F.H. Collins school in Riverdale.
  • The first bus will leave F.H. Collins at 8:00 am, getting people to the arena at 8:30.
  • Buses will be leaving every 15 minutes until 11:00 am.
  • The event centre opens at 8:30 am on the first day.

Bears And YOA Meets

NOTE: There may be bears in any of the map areas where YOA meets are held. YOU must be “bear aware”. To reduce risk, use precautions set out in the booklet How you can STAY SAFE in bear country.

Dogs At NAOC/COC Meets

Dogs are not permitted on any courses or at the event site for the NAOC/COC events (August 17 to 24). Due to the number of competitors, and the nature of the event, we thank you for your understanding.

Dogs At YOA Meets

A dog biting incident has prompted the executive to advise orienteers bringing dogs to events to:

  • Leash your dog while in the parking/assembly/start areas;
  • If dogs accompany you on your course, they must be under your immediate control at all times;
  • If there are more incidents or complaints, we may need to take a more stringent approach.
Thank you

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Volunteering is a great way to meet other orienteers and to learn new skills.
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Orienteering Canada

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Yukon's High Performance Program Athletes

The High Performance Program (HPP) is Canada's national athletes who show potential to represent Canada at Junior World Championships and World Championships. Yukon's 2018 HPP members include:

Visit the Team Canada blog for more about our HPP athletes.